Virtual Family Bank

Online family banking designed for kids, teens,
and parents.

Earn. Save. Budget. Spend.
Donate. Learn. Together.


Perfect for keeping kids (and parents) on budget.

Perfect for managing college expenses.

Perfect for tracking chores and odd jobs.

Perfect for managing your child’s allowance.

Perfect for learning to save and give wisely.

Perfect for all ages — preschool through college.
Set up accounts for your family members to track earnings, spending, saving, giving, etc. Create incentives that reinforce money behaviors consistent with your family’s values. Develop good habits together as a family through regular hands-on practice.
Join the conversation about good money habits:

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Store money on multiple prepaid cards that are linked together.

  • No risk of debt, overdraft, or hidden fees.
  • Free card load and ATM options.
  • Order immediately online with no credit check.
  • Empower kids of all ages.
  • Retain parental visibility and control.
  • Move money instantly between family members.
  • Automatically track purchases.
  • Available to eligible U.S. families.
  • 4 cards for as low as $0.63 per card per month.


Track money you’re holding elsewhere for your kids.

  • Add any number of family members.
  • Add any number of IOU accounts.
  • Add prepaid cards any time (eligible families).
  • 2 month free trial.
  • No payment info required up front.
  • Subscribe right away for an extra free month.
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What families are saying...

I love the personality of the site. Little slices of humor come through all over the place. meets all of our criteria for what makes a great online allowance tracker or virtual family bank. Based on all my research, Z and I decided to sign up with FamZoo.
A simple trip to Target used to be a whine-fest. Now I whip out my phone and check everyone’s balances. Then they get to decide if they want to spend THEIR OWN $ - and the answer is usually no. THANK YOU!!!
We’re really happy with our cards. Good training for all those online purchases and public transportation kiosks. The amount of $$ at risk is controlled by me. Training wheels for credit cards.
This one program has made the biggest difference in our lives this year and is teaching our children about earning, saving and spending their money.
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Virtual Family Bank

Designed for kids, teens, and parents.

Earn. Save. Budget. Spend.
Donate. Learn. Together.

Perfect for...

  • Keeping kids (and parents) on budget.
  • Tracking chores and odd jobs.
  • Managing allowances.
  • Learning to save and give wisely.
  • Letting your child spend safely.
  • All ages, preschool through college.

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Store real money on multiple prepaid cards linked together.

Track IOUs for money you’re holding elsewhere for your kids.

  • No risk of debt
  • No overdraft
  • No hidden fees
  • Free load options
  • Free ATM network
  • Easy to order
  • No credit check
  • Empower kids
  • Parent controls
  • Move money fast
  • Widely accepted
  • US families only
  • Low fixed fee
  • See pricing
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Add cards anytime
  • 2 month free trial
  • No obligation
  • No payment to try
  • Early pay bonus
  • Low fixed fee
  • See pricing

What Our Members Say

Tracie Shroyer

Minneapolis, MN

The FamZoo card is amazing. I’ve been out with the kids when they’ve gotten their alerts, and it almost always spurs a money discussion about something! A bonus!


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frequently asked questions or
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